17 September 2008

We Get Visitors

Marie's husband was about to lose some of his vacation time because he had accumulated so much of it so they decided to take a vacation to Disney World. This is *REALLY* good for me because we live so close to DW. After they spent 5 days there they came to visit me...er...us. We had such a good time. Del and Shane played golf and watched football, the kids ran around chasing each others and having a grand old time and Marie and I did what any proper wives would do is such a situation: went shopping. We went to Joann's three times, visited two quilt shops, went to an antique store, ate out and shopped for appliances for our new house.Here they are with all the kids. I'm really sorry, Marie. I did not mean to refer to your male-species offspring as "that". I know his name, I promise. And he's really cute. The funniest part was when the kids found a trail of sugar ants on the window sill and Caleb was trying to feed these teeny little ants to Lily. When I asked him if he would eat the ants he says, "No." Then I asked him why he'd feed them to Lily then and he says, "Well...they were dead." or "I killed them first though." Or something like that. It was HILARIOUS. Boys. I'm not sure what I'd do with one of those creatures. I'm rather partial to my girls. Boys scare me.This is what I bought at the antique store. Remember the post Marie put up about embroidering all the names of places you've lived on a pillowcase? I think that's a great idea so we found this pillowcase...okay, wait, Marie found this pillowcase for me at the antique store for $4. I'm going to use one side to embroider Del's places and the other side for mine. Isn't Lily's had so cute?Marie helped me reduce my fabric stash. One thing I've noticed about having a large fabric stash is that it's hard to know what you have so you just end up going out and buying new stuff. It's a pain to search through a humongous stash. So anyway, she took several lengths home with her. Some of them she had previously given to me. The rest of the stuff I am giving to my grandma's quilting/sewing group. I am very happy with my reduced stash.

This doesn't really have much to do with Marie visiting but it's my new sewing basket. I tried to buy one with a lid to keep tiny little hands out of my stuff (they like to throw pins all over the place) but I didn't like any of them. This is my $5 version. Somehow it's just turning in to a storage container instead of a sewing basket. There's got to be something better out there. Do you use a sewing basket and if so, what is it? Any good ideas out there?


Tina said...

:-) Great pictures- the kids all look so old (which totally makes sense, but is shocking none the less). I LOVE the new basket. I can't wait to see the pillowcase! I have been on the lookout for some antique pillowcases, to try that myself.... I will let you know when I find one :-)
I am jealous and wish I could come and visit with you. Really starting to miss the US these days. Anyone up for a trip to Ohio in the dead of winter? Hee hee. (we are going home to visit the families for Christmas- yes, with our 4 children. On a plane. At Christmas time. Can anyone say Benedryl?)

Johanna said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I would love to have someone to do crafting stuff with come and visit me...might be some good motivation as I have not done much at all craft-wise in such a long time.

Tina, you are going home to Ohio the wrong year! We go for Christmas on all odd years. This year it is Colorado for us! Too bad, it would have been fun to meet you! Oh, and my local Kroger started carrying a shelf of foods from England, and Bisto gravy granuals is one of the things! I really like the beef ones you sent, but they only have chicken flavor there. I never really make chicken gravy, so I haven't tried them. But every time I shop, I think of you!

Marie said...

Yeah, that was so much fun! I can't believe that we've lived in this area for so long and I still have to travel 100's of miles to hang out with a like-minded crafty friend. It would be *so* nice if we all lived near each other. But then again, I wonder if our husbands would feel neglected :)

Funny that you asked about sewing baskets! When we stopped in So. Carolina to visit Shane's sister, we got to meet her new husband, who we had previously said a total of 10 words to. I learned during this visit that he sews! Which is really interesting since he just retired from the Army after 20 years of being a snipper and drill sergeant. He's one of the manliest men I've met, and yet, he sews! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to chat with him about it. The only reason why it came up was because he accused Heather of throwing away his sewing box because he has always kept it in the back of his humongous V-8 pickup truck. Anyway, his sewing box is actually a fishing tackle box. Now, I really want to go and find a tackle box to see if it would work out for me. I have no idea because I really have never gotten a close look at one, being that I didn't grow up fishing. But I know that they have lots of little compartments. What do you guys think?