01 October 2008

All Done Nine Months Later

Well mostly anyway. I still have to paint the area where I decided to take down the towel rack and replace with these hooks I found at the garage sale.

and then we decided to hang these guys on the wall. I think they look really good there.... though I don't really like the top ones.... maybe someday I will buy or find two more sand dollars.

So here is the bathroom. It's such a small bathroom the only way I could think of to take a picture of it was in the mirror.... so the towels actually are on the wall opposite the mirror and the sink and across from the toilet.... you know the standard really small hallway closet setup.

And Savannah enjoying it... yes I know that duck is meant for infants, but Savannah asks to take her bath in it sometimes.... What ever floats you boat kiddo.

And in case you don't know, or didn't remember.... yes it did take me nine months to paint this tiny little bathroom.... but I painted it all with a smaller than I should have used brush so that I could do a little at a time when the kids napped or something. So now it is done *almost* nine months later.


Marie said...

Good job!! It must feel great to have completed that! I love for bathrooms to have cheery colors.

Joanna said...

Fantastic. It looks great. I really like the sand dollars and starfish on the wall.

Kainoa said...

It looks GREAT and I really like the hooks you have for hanging the towels! Good Job, even if it did take you a while, when you are in there it makes it all worth it!

Tina said...

OH it would certainly take me at least 9 moths as well! Take so much time to get something done when you have kids. I think it turned out great. Definitely worth the wait!