01 October 2008

Getting Down to Business

If I recall, both Joanna and Meagan started cranking out sewing projects after they were well into their third trimester. Apparently, I am no exception to this pregnant-crafting rule! I suddenly feel motivated to get stuff done. That could have something to do with the fact that our adoption paperwork is almost completely done and I feel like I can actually focus on this baby that is coming soon rather than the baby that won't becoming for another three years! Whatever the cause, I finished knitting matching hats for all three boys. I haven't washed these yet so they are a bit stretched in funny directions for now, but you can get the overall effect.

Of course the yarn is scarlet and gray - Buckeye colors! I realized halfway through the third hat that I had actually made the pattern incorrectly, which would explain a lot of the frustration I had in getting the hats to be the right length, but they are still cute anyway. The top of the hat has a cute little point, which Aaron is now old enough to not quite be sure if he likes!

I personally think it is adorable...but that is a mother's perspective for you! I want to try the pattern as written to see what it would be like, too!

I also have almost all of Andrew's crib items cut out and ready to sew. I found I am a little bit short on a few things so I have to order another half yard of a couple of fabrics...oh, well. That's what you get when you decide to make it "just a bit different" from the pattern! Hopefully, I'll get sewing on it soon, and when I do, I'll post pictures.

I also knit another bootie pattern with some awesome cream colored yarn that I love. I followed the pattern exactly as far as weight of yarn, size of needles, and everything, but the 3-6 month pattern would totally fit my three year old. Something isn't right about that! So now I have to find a new pattern that I like, because the yarn is too good to waste.


Joanna said...

CUTE! Great job! I can't wait to see the baby stuff.

I've been warned by my husband that I am not in any way allowed to even remotely like the Buckeyes. I must like the Cornhuskers. Sorry.

Marie said...

I really like that yarn! I think the hats look great, I can't tell that you deviated from a pattern.

Marie said...

You know Joanna, I saw the Huskers stadium last year when I was there for work. It's so funny because the whole city is quite small and flat... and then there is this HUGE!!! stadium! And those people are extremely loyal fans. It didn't take long for us to notice that. There was a game going on the day we left, some big rival, but I can't remember who. And something about them not playing that team in the Huskers stadium in a few decades. So everyone was CRAZY!! The ladies that we were working with there, warned us that we'd better wear red on the day we left because if anyone at the airport saw that we weren't, they'd throw red paint on us! I'm pretty sure she was joking. But i wore red anyway.

Tina said...

LOVE the hats... LOVE the Buckeyes!
:-) What pattern did you use for the hats

Johanna said...

The pattern I used is found here. I kind of missed the whole, "knit one row plain" instructions between the decrease rows! Oops. So my hats are very rounded instead of pointy.