01 November 2008


It is below 90 degrees here in Florida all day long, which means it is time to start Christmas crafting!

Which leads me to the next question.... Who wants to do the Homemade Christmas gift exchange this year????

Leave your comments below and make sure to cast your vote in the poll so we can get started.... since there is at least one of us (me) who needs 6 weeks to get it done!

(Just as a side note, I think we should do the same terms as last year.... gifts are for the grownups....unless someone just feels sorry for them...)


Marie said...

I'm not quite ready for to snap out of my "I'm not doing anything!" funk. But this is great motivation for me to start thinking about it :) If everyone (or most of us anyway) are wanting to do it again, I'll set up the name picking through that website again. Can't remember what the name is, but I'll find it.

Tina said...

I was just wondering if we were going to do that again! I think it is a great idea :-)