10 December 2008

And then I fell off the face of the earth...

I sure have been missing our chatter lately! We have been so busy here, with Christmas festivities beginning, and preparing for our flight to America next week. (We are spending 3 weeks in Ohio over Christmas). Not to mention that we all got sick and I have been fighting off this chest cold for what seems like a year!
For Katherine's birthday party this year we had a 'cookery party'. This lady came to the house and spent 2 hours cooking with Katherine and her friends. It was a wonderful party and the kids all had a blast. I tell you about it because I want to show you what I made!!! My friend Patti had a this great idea to make little aprons for a party favor. I was a little weary, but we gave it a go and I think they turned out great. (great for someone who doesn't sew, anyway) Wish I had a better picture for you. Especially the boys aprons... theirs were simple white tie around aprons. The kids looked cute and were super excited to be able to take them home.

And (because you all LOVE to hear about my cool town). Here are a few pictures from our town tree lighting ceremony. Really great day. The churches in town got together and did a really cute nativity play, the primary school choir sang, then we all walked down the main street in town to the tree. The town band played there and we all sang Christmas carols and then counted down to the town lights being switched on. It was great. Seemed like the whole town was there. I am sure going to miss that when we (eventually) move back to America.


Joanna said...

Awesome! I really like seeing pictures of your cool town! Great job on the aprons. I'm so impressed!

Marie said...

The aprons are such a great idea! And they look so cute! Your neighborhood sounds like so much fun! I've never lived anywhere like that, but than again, does such a close-knit community even exist in the States?