26 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Well it is a tradition around here..... We always do a secret Santa exchange, set up by Marie through Elfster. I find it funny this year that Johanna and I exchanged gifts with each other this year. Since I don't think Johanna has had the chance to open her present, I can't say much other than I hope you really like it cause I had a blast making it for you, though at one point part of it I was ready to throw out the window at one point..... and for something completely unexpected..... Anyways, oh yeah.

Johanna knitted these really cute little Christmas stockings for my Christmas tree. They really are quite adorable, and Savannah and I raced in the house to put them on the tree when we first opened it. (Oh yeah..... some of you are probably pretty cold, but here in Jacksonville area of Florida we are sitting in the mid to upper 70's and sweating outside.... the day after Christmas).

Also I can continue more craftiness with the gift card to Joann Fabrics. Thanks Johanna!

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Johanna said...

You're very welcome! I also chuckled when the package came from you! I have opened it, and think it's great! I took a picture and will post eventually, but we are at a family reunion in Colorado right now!