11 February 2009

Simplicity Pattern 2854 - The Blue Top

The thing I love about crafting (sewing, knitting, scrap booking, etc.) is that when I actually finish the project, I'm always impressed and motivated by my accomplishment. It's such a good feeling. And that's why I craft.

This is the first piece of clothing that I've made for myself. The only other clothes that I've sewed are the pajama pants that I made for Caleb, which were super easy. This top was a bit more difficult for me. I can't tell what level of sewing this pattern is because Simplicity only prints a colored square on the flap of the envelope and there is no information on their website about what color means what level. This pattern is a green and since the pajama pants are a yellow, I'm thinking this top is Intermediate level. Or maybe the pants are Very Easy and the top is Easy. Anyway, for my skill level is was doable, but I definitely didn't breeze through it.

I've never sewn gathers before, so that was interesting. I had to rip out the gathers on one side of the chest because it was just awful. But, it didn't take long to fix.

The biggest problem I ran into was slowing down and making sure I was sewing the correct pieces and sides together. I had finished everything accept attaching the sleeves. I was so excited! I had tried the top on without the sleeves and I actually fit my 22 week pregnant belly into it! How exciting! So, I pinned the sleeve onto the right armhole. This was interesting because I had to gather it just slightly, but when sewn, there were no puckers. The top of the sleeve just poofed out beautifully! Oh! I was so excited to try it on and see how the top looked with a sleeve on it! Then. I noticed something terrible. A seam. On the OUTSIDE! Agghhh! So, I ripped it out and sewed the right sides together. Then. I noticed something terrible again. I had sewn the left sleeve to the right armhole! Double Aggghhhhh! I could be done right now! I feel like I am always making stupid mistakes like this.

So, I take a breather and sew the left sleeve on the left armhole. And then pin the right arm on the right armhole and start to sew and this happens!


I just used dark grey to finish it, but I'll have to leave the bottom hem for after I get more thread. Luckily, Joann's has thread on sale for 50% this weekend and I was already planning on going. Plus, I still need to get the buttons.

Here's what I've got so far... (this is an awful picture, I know. I tried to take one outside, but the wind kept blowing it down. BTW, it's about 70 degrees today! woohoo! but next week it'll be in the 30's with snow showers. boooo!)

And this is what I'm most proud of! Look at the cuff and puffed sleeve! This is totally boosting my confidence. My next project will be a baby dress!

Here's the link to the pattern if you want to check out the other style options. Oh, also, I made a size 10, which fits a bust size 32.5. I know, I'm flat. Although the bust is a bit too small for me now because I'm pregnant, I think the bust area would be perfect otherwise. However, the shoulder is too narrow and now I know that I have to either made a size 12 top or alter the pattern so the bust is size 10 and the shoulder is size 12. But, that's way too complicated for me at the moment. I want to make a skirt for myself at some point so I can also get a better idea of what size I am on the bottom. I can't wait until I am skilled enough to make perfectly fitted clothes for myself.


Victoria said...

it's lovely <3

Johanna said...

It looks great Marie! I am so impressed since the last sewn projects you showed us were fixing Caleb's blanket, pj pants and a bag. A shirt is way harder!

Joanna said...

Wow!!!! It looks fantastic. I would be really proud of those sleeves also. Fabulous! Excellent! What other adjectives can I add in there?

Tina said...

I am really impressed. MAN, I gotta learn to really sew. Anyone fancy moving to England to teach me?