04 May 2009

Is This Considered Crafty?

It's not a sewing project. Or scrapbooking. Or baking. Or anything like that. But here's a major project my mom and I have managed to finish.

We bought these bunk beds for the girls nearly two years ago. We bought them unfinished because it's cheaper that way. As we were living in the apartment two years ago of course we didn't have any place to finish them. Make sure you check out Sarah's bedside table. My pastor in St. Augustine made it from free scrap wood he got from Home Depot. Isn't it genius!?

I quite enjoy staining and finishing wood. It becomes so smooth. If you have the inclination, check out Wood You or some place with bare wood furniture for your next furniture purchase. It's fun.


Johanna said...

That's still crafty! We've finished several pieces of furniture we bought in the raw (and by we, I totally mean Jerry...). They've all turned out great and we love saving a few bucks!

Tina said...

Totally crafty! I love how creative you are with stuff around your house... I wish I was braver in that way. :-) Wanna come show me how?