23 June 2009

not exactly the look I was going for...

So here's the scarf I'm making. (Darren picked out the wool cause he thought it would be warm and manly looking.) All I'm really doing is alternating knitting and purling each row. And now the whole thing wants to curl up like a sock. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do in the future to prevent this? I've pretty much accepted that this one will just be a curly scarf :) hmmmm.... I guess for a first try it's not so bad...

I just found out a really good friend is having twins(!!) so now I need to learn how to make not one but two baby blankets that... well... don't curl..... and look good enough to give as a gift.


Marie said...

I like the yarn! It does look manly.

Yes, it's normal. You're doing stockinette stitch and in order for it to not curl you would need to do either ribbing or seed stitch on all edges. And even then, you'd have to block it or if you're lazy like me, steam iron it. You could try doing this to your scarf anyway, but I don't think it will help much if it's all stockinette. If you have some knitted sweaters, you would notice that the bottom edge (on body and sleeves) is ribbed.

There's not much you can do to fix it at this point. If it really bothered you, you could sew a fabric panel on the wrong side and that would prevent it from curling. But, maybe it would be too warm?

Hope this helps!

Tina said...

Funny, the first thing I knit was a scarf. Horrible, never ending in this yarn I am tempted to never use again... I too did it in stockinette without realizing it would curl so badly. The girl who was teaching me was, I think, just too nice to tell me once I had started to put so much work into it! Mine was wide enough I was able to fold it in half and seam it. Good luck!

Meagan said...

Okay couple things.... You do know you live in florida? You do know that it is 100 degrees outside right? JK. I am sure you would need it with all the travelling you guys do.

I like them rolled like that. That may be though because I don't like big scarfs (or that cold of weather).

Hey to Darren.

Joanna said...


That's what I did.


Nice pic of your hubby. He looks dashing in the curly scarf.