26 June 2009


One of the things I like about living in the UK is the new games I get to learn with the kids. Funny how most things are just a tad bit different. (for example the kids call it 'tig' instead of 'tag' and there are 'baddies and goodies' as opposed to 'bad guys and good guys') You should hear how strange the hokey pokey sounds (though I guess, being here, I should say 'hokey kokey')
Anyway, the neatest game we have picked up here, in my opinion, is sardines. Anyone heard of this? (i often wonder if I will post one of these 'different' things only to realize that I am the only one to find it new!).
Sardines is hide and seek with a twist. There is only one person that hides, everyone else seeks. When you find the hidden person you join them in their spot until only one person is left. By the end of it everyone is squeezed like sardines into whatever spot the original hider found!
I was going to write and tell Jo about this game and then thought you all might enjoy a new game for the kids.
Hope you are all enjoying the summer weather!


Johanna said...

We love that game! Of course, I am from quite an international family, so I am not a good judge of whether that is a known game here in the states. With my dad's whole family, though...we played it at Christmas when we were all together!

Joanna said...

Cool game. Tonight is our family game night. We'll have to try it out!

Leah said...

I remember playing that at church when I was younger. lots of fun!

Meagan said...

Yup, I remember it at church too.... But since Leah and I went to the same church, it would make sense that we both know of it.