21 August 2009

Remake and Moda

We got Rachel this little set of golf clubs for her birthday. The bottom tore out after she had been using it for no more than 5 minutes. I took it to the sewing room and put several good, strong seams to hold the bottom on. As I was turning it right side out, the bottom came out again. It's just this cheap nylon stuff. So, I decided to make her a new bag using some jeans material I had on hand. I used the ball and tee holders from the old bag and the nylon shoulder carrier thingie. Here's how it turned out.
I also really like Moda Bake Shop. They put up so many interesting tutorials. I whipped up this bag for a very brave lady who is letting all seven of us sleep in her house. I'm going to tell her husband that I don't sew for boys, so that's why he doesn't have a gift.


Marie said...

sorry your post sat there so long without a comment! i love that you were able to whip up a sturdy golf bag! knowing how to sew is so useful!

i love the bag too! i've bookmarked so many patterns from that site.

Johanna said...

You are so amazing at the sewing machine! I wouldn't have known where to start on the golf bag, but yours looks great! I also like the bag. That is one lucky lady - all 7 of you *and* a bag. I'd settle for just all 7 of you. *wink, wink*

Tina said...

Love it! What a cute bag she has now.
But, golfing? Really?
hee hee.... I just never understood the pull of golfing!