15 August 2009

What I've been sewing

Okay, two days late. The pictures are totally messed up because at the moment, Blogger is having a mental breakdown and will not let me upload some, or it changes the orientation of the photo or it won't let me move the photos around. Sorry.

I made 8 nightgowns. Here are three of them. The other 5 are dirty (actually one is 3/4 finished...darn). These three were for birthdays.

The above photo is a detail of the book I helped Mom make.

I made names for the three birthday girls and for four other little people I know. That's a total of 32 letters.
Remember when I mentioned that I had bought a bunch of fabric and was going to work on a project to sell on my Etsy shop? Well, this was the project. And alphabet book. If you want to see all the pages I can make another post about it. Above you can see the K and L pages and the above above you can see the Q in detail. I'll try to fix the post later when Blogger is being rational.

We have scrapped the fabric book idea because it takes so much work, we think we'd never be able to sell it for a price that accounts for all the labor. All the letters are in it but it took us 9 hours and lots of ignoring of the children to make it. It was Rachel's birthday present. She likes it.
I also have sewn a dozen plain napkins. I thought they were so boring out of just plain muslin that I painted flowers on them. I'll get some photos of that tomorrow.
Sorry for the annoying post.


Marie said...

That's fantastic! I like the loopy quilting on the "Q" page. Such a great idea, it's too bad it takes too long to make. I remember that post months ago when you showed us a bunch of different fabric and we were guessing what it's for. And you are really making me want to go get that letter pattern.

Tina said...

Not annoying at all! That book is lovely. :-) You are so talented to make all those nightgowns and pillows. PLEASE move here and teach me to sew!!!!

Johanna said...

The book is so cute! I can see how it would be way too labor intensive, though. You are so crafty and creative. The most crafty thing I have done lately is knit about 1 1/2 inches of a sock on vacation. How do you do it with 5 kids???

Meagan said...

I really like the book. I have thought about making something similar, but I didn't think it was doable for sale either. I can't find enough time to make anything for my own kids, much less sell anything.