23 September 2009

Some Embroidery

I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been blogging about what few crafty things I've done in the past months on my personal blog. But, I'll start posting about crafty things here again. Sorry to those of you who read my other blog cause you'll run into duplicate posts. Oh well, just ignore.

Anyway, I kinda feel like I've been deprived of expressing my crafty desires because life is so busy. But, then I realized that it's probably gonna be like this until the kids are all grown up and out of the house. So, I better just use the few minutes I have here and there to do something crafty. So, I have lots of things started and who knows when I'll finish any of them... but at least I'm doing something. So far, I've got these things going on...

quilt for Shane's mom (which will be my first twin size quilt)
quilt made from a jelly roll
shirt for Caleb
knitted bear suit for Ana

And I have been using my embroidery machine a little because it doesn't actually take very long since all I have to do is rethread for the next color.

I embroidered this alien design onto a cheap Gerber onesie. It's a little off-center because I didn't realize until after I started that there is actually a notch on the embroidery hoop indicating where the center of the design will end up. I also put this same design on a burp cloth, which I loved. It was my go-to burp cloth... until I lost it :(

Guess I should put the design information in case anyone cares the design is called Abducted and I bought it from Urban Threads.


Joanna said...

Awesome!!! What a cute baby! Can I have her? She'll fit in really well with the rest of the girls! ;)

The alien embroidery is really cute.

Johanna said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Marie said...

nope! she's mine! mine! mine! :) you mostly can't have her cause she's the one that doesn't drive me insane, lol!

caleb picked out a design he likes, so hopefully i'll have another embroidery project to show soon.

Tina said...

That is great! And what a beautiful model!!!
I love the alien... I love baby items decorated with non-traditional things. (except for skulls, i find skulls on babies a little disturbing for some reason!)

Marie said...

yeah, i'm not too crazy about skulls in general. i got this design from Urban Threads and they have lots of nontraditional designs. Lots of scary stuff too, but I just stick to the cute stuff.