18 October 2009

Some Marie Retro Work

Marie knitted this sweater for Ella 8 years ago.  It didn't fit her when it was first made but she grew into it and it's lasted through the years and all the kids have worn it at one time or another.  Thank you Maire.


Johanna said...

She is so pretty! The sweater is great, too.

I cannot believe how big Lily is now. I am more struck by it because I know that the last time I saw you was when she was first born.

Tina said...

First can I say how much I adore that little shot of belly hanging out???
That is a great little sweater and great that it has such a story behind it. 8 years?? I want to know what yarn it is made out of!!!!! ;-)

Meagan said...

Lol... I think she might have outgrown the shirt though..... Cute jacket though.

Marie said...

I'm so glad so many cute little girls got to enjoy it! I can't believe it's been that long since I made it! Tina, I used Lion Brand Homespun and the colorway is Waterfall.