28 December 2009

My Ornament

Look at this beautiful ornament Tina made for me!!  I absolutely love it.  It must have taken so much effort to make.  It is flawless.  Thank you so much Tina.

Joanna, considering you are the only one who hasn't received anything, and I'm the only person whose name hasn't been mentioned for sending something, by now you probably have figured out that I am the lame-o who has your name and didn't send anything in time for Christmas.  You'll be happy to know that I did send something today - Priority Mail, no less - and because you are such an awesome lady and had to wait so long, I added a little special something to the package to sweeten up your raw deal a bit.  It should be there in 2-3 days!


Tina said...

Glad it finally came, SO glad it didn't get squished! My husband thinks I am cruel to gift you with an ornament requiring so much care.. ha ha ha. if it does ever get squished you can get it back to shape with a bit of watered down glue - then blow up a balloon in the middle of it and let it dry that way.
:-) Merry Christmas! I would have included some treats with it, but I know your list of allergies is extensive and didn't know what I could get you.

Joanna said...

Oh my gosh that is sooo beautiful!!! I'm so jealous! Tina you have become quite the knitter! You ROCK!!

Joanna said...

Oh and no worries Johanna. I know how busy you've been. But now the days are going to drag knowing that I have something totally cool coming in the mail!!!