21 December 2009

My Ornament(s)!

Thank you Joanna!  They're so beautiful!  I love the idea of Christmas balls made out of fabric.  i have an aunt whose tree fell over one year (squirrels got in through the chimney and knocked it down - crazy, huh?).  All her ornaments broke, and now she won't put anything breakable on her trees.  So when I got these she was the first person I thought of.

PS my ornament went in the mail today.  hopefully it will arrive soon :)


Joanna said...

YEAH!!! I'm so glad you like them Leah. Your pictures are really pretty too. They make the ornaments look better than I remember. I thought "man, who made those?"...duh. Anyway, I'm glad they can hang on your tree for a little while this year.

Joanna said...

Nice Gators snowman!

Tina said...

Beautiful, Jo! :-)