30 December 2009

Ribbon Candy

Did you ever like to eat ribbon candy at Christmas?  Me either, but for some reason I like to buy it for Del's grandma.  Isn't that weird.

Anyway, I got a package in the mail today; a rather heavy package.  YEAH!!  This is my ornament.  A heavy ornament?  Or a light ornament and CHOCOLATE!!!???  Can you feel the anticipation?

In the bag was chocolate covered pomegranate.  I have never had chocolate covered pomegranate before and I'm very excited to try it!!!  WOOHOO!

Wrapping paper box.

Is this a joke?  Does the box get smaller and smaller and smaller?

AAHHHHH!  How totally cool!!  RIBBON CANDY!!

I know I'm just highly emotional right now, but I'm totally crying.  They're so cute.  And simple.  I could make these with the girls and they'd love it.

Look at the beads!!

Thank you Johanna.  I totally love them!


Joanna said...

Okay, pomegranate with chocolate on it is DELICIOUS!!! How'd they get the seeds out?

Johanna said...

I think they strain the juice out and mix it with some kind of jelly/thickener. Isn't it amazing? And healthy, right? Isn't pomegranate a super food? And dark chocolate, too? Right??

I am so glad you like the ornaments, too. The are so easy and fun to make!