08 February 2010

A bit of sewing

A friend down the street owns a sewing machine and got the idea that she wanted to make some bags. (Hers are amazing -really more like proper handbags.)
I wanted a few simple drawstring bags for my current knitting projects and and didn't want to pay some of the outrageous prices that some places ask for them on the web. So, with her help I made these. The strings are just knitted i-cord. And, although my husband is terribly unimpressed I am very pleased. Not saying I will pick up sewing, but it was just what I wanted and not bad at all for an afternoons work!
Maybe when we are back in the US I will pick up a sewing machine and really learn what I am doing!


Joanna said...

Those are great! Perfect little bags for knitting projects.

Marie said...

I love the material! So pretty! And that's a nice touch that you incorporated your knitting into the project with the cord.