01 July 2010


So even though I haven't posted much here, I actually have been getting my sewing machine out and messing around. I have made another of my cloth grocery bags, and done quite a bit of mending.

I also however have joined a prayer Shawl ministry through my church called Common Threads. Basically we make shawls/blankets for the church family and those who we know that have undergone major medical setbacks in an attempt to comfort.

I have made several one yard size quilt tops... this one above and another one exactly like it, though I actually finished the other one completely instead of just folding the top back and taking a picture.... I would try and get a picture of the finished one, but it has already been sent out to a mom who had preterm labor with a semi lengthy hospital stay....(it is hard to tell in the pictures, but the red and blue patterned fabric is the same just in different colors..... and it is 20+ years old.)

I also made one with a black front with fruit patterns backed with a yellow material....
This is the next one that I have started.....I swore I would never learn to knit or crochet, but as you can see above, I have to eat my words as I have learned to knit..... But I will NEVER learn to crochet..... I know, I might have to eat those words some day too.... On a totally different note, why is it that they make kids bibles that are so unable to take the abuse that kids dish out? I had to rebind this book last night with hot glue just so that it stayed in one piece. I mean really, come on!

On another totally different note, anyone know how to get crayon off of a flat screen TV? Don't ask. Zoe is two remember?

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Tina said...

So nice to hear about all of your different projects... and congrats on knitting. I have crocheted a bit in the past, but shy away from it as I find it really tricky to master. So I understand you there. Your knitting looks great, can't wait to see how everything turns out.