14 December 2010

Crafty But Not Really

The only crafting I've done for Christmas has been with my embroidery machine. So, I really didn't sew anything. I've found it extremely hard to sew anything with the two girls around. Charlotte is still in our room, where my sewing room is, and since she mostly sleeps all the time I can't really sew. And I hate to sound like I'm complaining when I'm so blessed to finally have a sleepy baby. But, you know, it's frustrating. I like to sew.

So, I moved my sewing machine into the front foyer and I was at least able to make it work on embroidering stuff. It's still hard to sew though since I can't bring everything out of the room. So anyway, here's the stuff I've made... or stuff that my sewing machine has made...

A kitchen towel for my good friend Aileen:

A matching burp cloth and onesie set for Aileen's baby boy Cash.

And ornament for my brother. This one is so cool! It was embroidered on water-soluble stabilizer. I soaked it in water after it embroidered the design and only the thread was left!

So, I just realized that there are skulls on everything. And I know that a skully ornament probably seems weird to some of you, but my brother likes pirates and skulls. And I love my brother and want to make him happy. He's going to love it!

I'm also making a hooded towel for Cash, but since it requires sewing, it hasn't been completed yet. No skulls though, just monsters and aliens :)


Joanna said...

The ornament is very cool!!

Tina said...

That IS an excellent ornament!
What a neat idea.