10 December 2010

Christmas present craftiness!

I think I have already posted all of my Christmas knitting (except a few last minute projects that aren't done yet!) So I thought I would post some other gift making I have been up to!
I run the Tiddlers group at my church. It is a toddler play group. Sort of a place for Moms to bring their kids to play while they chat with other moms and have a coffee or tea. (though we have several Grans and Dads who bring their kids) One of my responsibilities is to ensure that all of the ladies that voluteer get a small gift for Christmas. The hard part is finding a small gift that isn't junk.
When Jo posted the link to the Pie in a Jar tutorial on Facebook I thought I would try that. Until I found the peppermint-fudge-cupcakes-in-a-jar link on her site. YUMMY! It was all fairly easy. The only tricky part for me was that mine rose a bit (as you can see from the picture). Not sure why this happened as hers stayed nice and flat. It worked out okay because I just dug a little well at the top to pour the ganache into. They were really lovely and I think the ladies were happy with them. I highly recommend trying it. I think we may make another batch to bring to our neighbors. And the icing is fabulous! Here is the LINK.


Joanna said...

AWESOME! They look fantastic Tina! I was seriously considering making something like this to take to the neighbors. But then if I do, do I have to make one for each person in the house? Eek! We'll see. But they look great! So pretty.

Meagan said...

These look great. They are very similar to the personal pies I made for Thanksgiving. Individual little loafs. very cool. If you wanted it for more than one person Jo, you can do the mixes in a jar instead.

Marie said...