27 December 2010

Well, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, though it may seem like it. Kids have been off school and everyone has been feeling sick. (today is my turn) I thought I would pop on and make up for the last 2 weeks of missing my friday post by letting you all in on my last minute knitting. This was a big knitting Christmas for me, and I hope that next year I can get around to some of the others that I didn't get to knit for this year.
I also wanted to make something small for each of the kids, and managed to get it all done. Here are the children's gifts,
These are some simple fingerless mittens that Katherine hasn't taken off since she unwrapped them. Such and easy little pattern, it knit up in only one evening.
Here is another small gift for Kate. She got an iPod for her birthday and I used some extra sock yarn to knit this case up.
A bunny for Aidan. I failed miserably at the sweater, but I think he is cute in his scarf. Aidan is 8 now and I think I am just eeking out the last bit of time where he enjoys cuddly toys.
This was one of my favorites. A little bear in a basket. the bear has only the body, ears and eyes. No arms or anything. So cute. The little blanket is sewn in and attatches on one side with a button. I could make these forever. Elena likes it, but I think not as much as me!
And finally, short of knitting a train for Jack I settled on some easy to make balls. These are a pattern called Catch. technically a hackey sack. They are filled with lentils and because of that are tons of fun to throw around. I think I have been playing with them more than anyone.
The gifts were a huge hit. I wrapped them all in plain brown paper, with no decoration and I think it made the kids even more excited to open them.
Hope you guys have gotten in some extra crafty-ness this year!


Joanna said...

Wow, Tina! You are killing me with the knitting. The fingerless gloves are neat! Do you know how your BIL liked the scarf? And the balls! NEAT!!!

Marie said...

You've been busy! I love the fingerless gloves and the color! Is the bunny a Debbie Bliss pattern? I made two that look very similar but the ears were a bit different from yours. I made a knitted sweater and wrote down the pattern... somewhere.

You are really making me want to knit again! I really want to make another pair of the lace fingerless gloves that I lost. I have a picture of them at Ravelry. They were my favorite :(

Tina said...

Not sure how my BIL liked the scarf. Haven't heard much (we never actually speak to either of Aaron's brothers. His mom said everyone enjoyed everything. She did say that his girlfriend loved the mittens and wouldn't take them off all night, which was nice to hear!
Yes, Marie it is a Debbie Bliss bunny. From her Toy Knits book. I tried to follow the sweater pattern with the bunny, but it turned out insanely small and I didn't have the time or patience to tinker with the pattern.
LOVE those fingerless gloves. Thought it funny because the friend that taught me to knit has those mitts of yours on her favorites list. (rainydayknitter) Small world!

Sus said...

Love all your little knitted gifts! Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Have a happy New Year, too!