20 December 2006

Getting Things Rolling

All right, since you won't start this thing off I guess I will. I'll post the pictures here of my most recent forays into the sewing room: the quillow I made for Caleb for Christmas and the dress I made for Ella.

The quillow was very exasperating to make. But, I received some great advice from my godmother, Lyn, about bias binding and straightening fabric (another post, another day) and I think it turned out quite well. I hope Caleb likes it and gets years of good use out of it. I think you should get it today or tomorrow in the mail.

The dress I made on the spur of the moment. I was watching Martha Pullen (who has a 29-year-old daughter named Joanna, weird) and she makes a lot of clothing and for some reason it inspired me to run to the sewing machine and whip this thing together. I started at 9:45am and finished at 2:45pm. It was quick. It had this thing on the pattern called a "full lap" that I was supposed to sew a snap on so the hole it created would close. The purpose was to make the waist larger so the dress would fit for a long time but I found that the waist was large enough to fit Ella (she's so skinny) until the dress no longer fit her and the hole just exposed her underwear to the world. So I sewed the hole up. It's nearly perfect now. The pattern was supposed to be for a size 3T, so that would be Sarah but it fit Ella much better and she's two sizes bigger. Weird.

I'm sure there are lots of other things I could post here but I'm going to call it quits there. Next time I'll put up the pictures of the ornaments I made and GG's teddy bear.

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