20 December 2006


Woohoo!! This is so exciting. It's too bad I don't really have anything more exciting than a knitted belt to show. But actually, it really is pretty cool!

I knit back and forth, back and forth, but it's really a tube! Normally you have to knit in the round to get a tube but this is a different technique, I think it's called double knitting. I'm almost done with the belt, about 12 more inches I think. Then I knit two tiny belt loops, attach it to Starsky and I'm done!!

My next project will be to knit Shane a scarf for Christmas. But I'll have to be really quick about it since it's only a couple days away. I'll have to do stripes (the same colors as the hat) so I hope it will still come out manly. Then I have three other present I have to get done, the others are not so important. But now that school is over, I should be crankin' out the knitwear.

We got the quillow in the mail the other day!! I can't wait to see it in person! It was perfect what we got it cause we had just picked up our Christmas tree. I think the dress is really cute! I can't believe it only took you a couple hours. You're so productive.

Here's Caleb helping to decorate the tree. He was hanging the apple ornaments and would say "I did it!" after he hung each one up.

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Jo said...

oh my gosh, caleb is so cute! i can't wait for you to see the quillow in person. it might be a little wrinkly but if you wash it it'll be ok. those are really good pictures of caleb. rachel says "i did it", too. then this morning she handed me her blanket and said "here". she's so cute.