19 February 2007


Wow, I'm so glad you FINALLY posted something! I was starting to feel a little weird.

My first finished doll dress came out looking like this. Next time I'll make the bodice shorter so there is more skirt to see. I dreamt up the sleeves myself because as you can see from the practice dress, it's not ok to see baby doll's white, fabric upper arms. I think they turned out cute. Ella was so happy with the dress that she's now doing this thing: "Mom, I'm so excited! Can you make her some booties and a purse and some pants and a hair thingie...". Actually it's so humbling to me that Ella totally believes that I can do anything when it comes to a needle and thread. She has no doubts about me and I have so many about myself. She's a precious gift. The longer these kids are around the more it is revealed to me just how much of a blessing from God they are. It makes me want to cry. To add a bit of spice to this rather sentimental post I'll put in this picture of Sarah who wanted every barrett in the drawer in her hair yesterday. She's a beauty! She doesn't really care about my sewing though. She does care about the cookies.

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