19 February 2007

Darn It!

Sarah looks exactly like Del in that picture!

This morning when I told Caleb to turn off his nightlight, he fumbled a little with it. And then it slipped out ... AGAIN!!!

"Damn it!"

It just breaks my heart. Although, the other night after I had told Shane about the first incident, Shane confessed that he had caught himself saying it many times that day. He dropped the metal train on this foot. Damn it! Caleb has a poopy diaper for the fourth time that day. Damn it! This made me feel a little better that I can share the blame. But what else do I say? "Darn it!" "Shoot!" Shane suggested "Shucks!" I think that's dumb. Whatever we choose, it has to be something that will sound acceptable coming out of a toddler. Is that possible?

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