16 February 2007

Crocheted Diapers?

For some reason I was awake for quite a while last night trying to dream up (no pun intended) a pattern for a crocheted baby doll diaper. I tried looking for one online and that ended in utter failure. So I just faked it. Below you see the results. Now that Ella knows that you can make MORE clothes for dolls she has asked me to make some clothes for her dolls. If I can't find any free patterns online I may fake it with my very limited knowledge of clothes making because I'm cheap and don't want to spend the money on a pattern from Joann's.
Even though it's not a craft, Del made this caterpillar home with the girls today. We found him outside and it's supposed to freeze tonight so we thought we'd give him a nice warm place to build his cocoon. It'll be a fantastic science lesson for Ella.

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