17 February 2007

It's a Pest, Not a Pet

So it turns out that our little caterpillar that we caught is a moth caterpillar. More specifically it's an Oleander Moth caterpillar which, in central Florida, is a pest to the Oleander plant. We have lots of Oleander in our apartment "yard". The moth is also called a Wasp Moth because it looks so much like a large wasp. We got it some Oleander leaves and it's putting off this silk looking stuff. I thought to just kill it at first because it's a pest here but...how sad. So we'll keep it; it'll still be a good science lesson for Ella. And it won't be a pest once it's a moth, right?

I got my books in. I'm so excited to start a project. Everything is so beautiful, I hope my fabric stash does it justice.
I started making doll clothes. So far I have only accomplished this one practice dress. Ella handed me six pieces of 6" square scraps and said "here, make doll clothes out of this", so it's a lot of patches basically. I think the dress is cute, I just have to make it much bigger. Basically it's an exact replica of the dresses I made for Ella and Katherine except the buttons are on the back. And yes, those are golf bags and clubs on that fabric.

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