18 February 2007


A moth!! *gasp* It's a good thing you don't have thousands of dollars worth of wool like me. I'd pass out. Actually I guess it makes sense. The silk worms that we grew in 2nd grade grew up to be moths too. Funny how something that makes one of the best, strongest, silkiest fibers in the world also enjoys destroying another fantastic fiber.

The books look like fun! There is a new knitting book out that I really want. Twinkle's Big City Knits. What is it with me? I have no time to knit and have tons of books filled with patterns to knit if I happened to find time. Yet, I want it. I want to look and dream about making all the fun sweaters.

I really thought I would be able to post a picture of the cashmere fingerless gloves I am making for my friend Becky. But it's a lot of lace and I guess my mind is too preoccupied to handle it because I got half way done with the first glove and noticed it looked a little funky. I kept ripping it back and trying to figure out where I went wrong. Before I knew it I had ripped all of the lace pattern out (the wrist part is plain stockinette). All the while Shane is saying "look at me! look at me! i actually loaded the dishwasher, went to grocery store, and fed the cats!" Why is that when I do that stuff, no one notices. But when he does it, I'm supposed to congratulate him on a job well done and ask him if he'd like me to whip him up a pot roast and get him a beer? Anyway, I got frustrated that I can't concentrate on this pattern and threw it in my craft room. The whole reason why I am knitting this for Becky is because we agreed to do Christmas presents for about $30 for each other. I thought it would be fabulous of me to knit her something with $30 worth of yarn. But it is now the middle of February and I've given up. So I am going to have to go buy her a belated Christmas present. I suck.
Here's a picture of the gloves. Pretty huh?

Now I'm working on a hat for my friend Katie. I promised this hat to her on New Year's Eve after I'd had some (lots rather) wine and champane (how ever you spell that). And she has been asking a lot if I'm almost done since she doesn't have a pretty hat and it's been so cold. So I figured it would be a good thing to work on. It's another Odessa done in Rowan wool cotton and kid silk haze. The same as Kainoa's hat but this one is pink. I used the same color beads and I think it's looking good so far. I should be done with it in a couple days.

Our furnace crapped out on us this morning. It was 62 degrees when we woke up. Some guys should be here in a an hour or so to fix it. I'm sure it's going to cost us $500. It always seems that when something goes wrong with the house it costs $500. So I'm freezing right now even though I have a little space heater blowing right at me. It's a good thing that it's warming up. The high today is 32. Tomorrow it'll be 36! Woohoo! Not really. I'm ready for spring.


Jo said...

you know this is coming right?: i don't really care for the gloves. i think it's strange...why would you need fingerless gloves? enlighten me please. the lace is beautiful though. i'm glad you're doing another hat since i didn't get to see kainoa's.

Marie said...

well you see ... when it's chilly outside sometimes it's nice to have something to warm your hands a bit. but gloves can be prohibitive, so the fingerless part allows you to go with life. see. so it all makes sense.

Jo said...

it doesn't make sense to me??!?!?! what about your poor fingers? mine would freeze and fall off. you know how i solve this problem? move south. if it doesn't get cold enough to wear gloves then you don't have to worry about gloves at all! see? i'll so save an apartment for you. i am pretty sure those people upstairs or next to us are moving out. tomorrow, it'll be a balmy 75, day after that 80, day after that 80? beach anyone?