11 February 2007

It's Good To Be A Knitter

Shane and I are officially trying to stick to our new budget. That means that we get a guaranteed allowance, which isn't much. But based on whether we stick to the budget we get a bonus allowance, which is a bit more. With this we have to pay for anything that we alone would use. This includes clothes, books, yarn, gifts to people that aren't from the family, etc. So, when we went shopping this weekend, I had to use my allowance money instead of putting everything on the credit card. It really amazed me how I thought twice about buying something that I had to pay for with my cash, versus putting it on the card, which I'm sad to say has become like play money. I really need some new sweaters because almost all the sweaters I have are from a few years ago when the style was to wear short tops. So I found a Calvin Klein turtleneck sweater 75% for only $15 and a turtleneck from the Gap for only $3!! Of course there's a catch. It had this huge hole in the shoulder.

But being the crafty girl that I am, I fixed it!! It only took me about a minute.

Unfortunetely, these are the only pictures I have to post cause I forgot to take a picture of Kainoa's Odessa hat made with Rowan Wool Cotton and Kid Silk Haze. It turned out really nice. Maybe I can get her to send me a picture. I also finished my aunt and uncle's linen handtowel. Forgot to take a picture of that too. I was a little disappointed in it though. I had to iron it out because it looked so wrinkly and dishevled. I'm sure it will look like that everytime they wash it. And who wants to iron handtowels? Plus, I tested it out on some water I spilled on the counter. The terry cloth towels did a better job of soaking the water up. So, I don't think I will make another. Unless my aunt tells me later that after a couple washings it turns out to be the best towel ever. But I'm not holding my breath.


Jo said...

That's awesome! Doesn't it make you feel sorry for people with no domestic skills at all? They have to pay out the nose for intact stuff. Woohoo!

Jo said...

i was bragging to del about how cool it was that you bought that sweater for $3 and then fixed it and he said "cheater". ha ha!