11 February 2007

A New Dress

I found my missing crochet hook but not before I used a size "I" to finish the blanket I was working on. Turns out it was a size "J" that I was using. Oh well, you can't really tell; I can feel that the gauge is a bit tighter but Del couldn't tell. I'm going to get some off white yarn to put a edge on it before I post it here.

I made this dress for Katherine. Tina sent me the fabric and I thought it would make a cute dress. I altered the length quite a bit so it will fit her for a while. The chest is fully 6" bigger than Katherine's chest so hopefully that will fit her for a long time there, too. Here is Ella modeling the dress. I think it turned out so cute! Those arm holes were giving me fits though and there aren't even sleeves there. It's a good thing I didn't volunteer to put some in! I can't wait to mail it to Katherine in England and then get a picture back.

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Marie said...

Oh! Cute! I can't wait to see Katherine in the dress too! She must be so big.