27 February 2007


Our pastor's daughter just turned 16 last Friday so I decided to make something for her. My first attempt was a disaster. It was from the Kokoro No Te book and for some reason the very last instruction just is completely confusing and since it's the "defining" moment of instruction for the thing all I end up with is this sad looking...thing, as illustrated here. I also included a picture of what it's supposed to look like. I was going to try to make it into a key ring.

So after the first attempt I moved to the Omiyage book which has a lot of little bags and dolls; we're talking tiny, fits in the palm of your hand type things. So beautiful though. I spent quite a bit of time searching the internet for where I could buy kimono silk and found a few places but of course I still have to order it and wait for it to get here and since I didn't have any inspiring Japanese print fabric in my stash (these are hard to come by) I went to Joann's on the off-chance they'd have something, ANYTHING, Japanese. They must stock the stuff in the spring-ish because they has some I really liked and I used my 40% off coupon. This is the little bag that I made for Hannah for her birthday and the pretty fabric I bought for it. I also made her the otedama (juggling ball, she said); this was from Kokoro No Te. It was very easy to put together, fun and really cool to play with. Ella and Sarah are almost incessantly requesting some of their own. I filled it with lentils since I don't have the kind of beans she called for (and don't know where to buy them), and it turned out really squishy and cool. I really don't know what she'll do with the otedama but the bag I thought she could just put some little trinket or whatever in it and it'll be a pretty thing to add to her room. She could even put some lavender or some other good smelling thing and hang it up to add some nice scent to her room.


Marie said...

oh my gosh! i love it all! i especially like the bag with the dark red. that's a cool idea to stuff the ball with beans instead of fiber fill. i can't believe you found that fabric at Joann's!

lyn13@msn.com said...

I love the bag, the intricacy and colors make it unique. The ball turned out very nice, you are getting more precise in your sewing.

Jo said...

the bag fabric i found at joann's. i couldn't believe it either. they had a couple other's that were ok, but especially the one was really bright blue and i just can't handle it. i should buy some though because i know i'll find a use for it one day. the otedama fabric i bought for rachel's quillow last october...no, september at 'keep me in stitches' and those were scraps that i used. i think the colors are so nice but not very japanese.