02 March 2007

No Knitting For Me

It's my turn to post but I have no pictures of progress because I haven't knitted even a stitch in I don't know how long. I had two really tough exams last week and hardly even saw Caleb and Shane. I didn't even do well enough to feel like it was all worth it, but oh well. I was feeling really overwhelmed and distracted. But now that those exams are over I've snapped out of my funk and feel like I have the energy to go on and finish this last semester. I have three exams this week, but they aren't as difficult so I'm doing pretty well not stressing about it. I am even going to take tonight off and hang out with Shane for a few hours. I will work on Katie's hat this weekend. I decided that after Katie's hat I will work on the baby bibs that I started about a year ago. I will make two sizes.

I bought Pride and Prejudice on audiobook. I absolutely love it! I think if I listen to it enough times I will be able to translate ideas into the way they speak. Wouldn't that be fabulous? To come up with stuff like that? It makes me think about how poorly I speak. How I could convey my thoughts so much better if I knew the right words. I take language for granted. Just let the words flow with out much thought. But it really can be used as tool to express all the brilliant ideas my head comes up with :) Just kidding. Anyway, I really do love how they speak. I also think it would be fabulous to listen to an audiobook of anything written by Marguerite Duras. I first heard of her when I saw the movie The Lover. I'm not so enchanted by the story, but I love the way she writes. She uses tons of commas and many of her sentences are very short. It's almost like reading poetry. She is my favorite writer. But like I said, It's not so much what she writes as how she writes. I know that probably doesn't make much sense to you, but to each his own. In the movie, the narrator is a woman with a raspy French accent. Someone with a similar voice should do an audiobook. I would be very pleased indeed.

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