25 February 2007

Wintry Mix = Snow???

A week ago today was supposed to be 68 degrees. A few hours ago we were supposed to get a wintry mix and then rain. Here's what it currently looks like outside:

The pictures don't really do it justice though. It's very pretty. There's at least 2 inches on the ground as I'm writing this. I know it's not much compared to all the snow that NY has gotten but it's pretty good for us, especially since we haven't gotten much snow this winter. The clumps are huge. I stuck Shane's hat out the door to catch a couple so you could get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

This is the hat I'm making for Katie. It's not as hot of a pink as it looks in this picture. I wish you could feel it, it's fabulous. I'm really liking how the same color beads are looking.

I updated the book I'm reading. I gave up on Pride and Prejudice again. I was thinking about buying an audio book of it. I have, up to now, tried to resist listening to audio books cause I felt like it was cheating somehow. Like I wouldn't get out of it what the writer intended. But I listened to a sample of a version read by Kate Reading and I love her voice and the way she reads it. I think it would be great to hear the whole book in an English accent. Plus, all those great vocab words might stick in my head a little better. Anyway, just a thought. I haven't made my mind up about it yet. The book I'm reading right now is about the Enron scandel. My auditing professor recommended it. It's really interesting. I can't believe how arrogant and smug and selfish and obsessed with money and power those guys were. It's so ridiculous that it's entertaining.


Jo said...

wow! i'll refer you directly to the comment i left on 18 feb under "wazzup". offer still stands.

the hat looks great! it does look like it would be really soft! the pink looks super hot but it's such a nice pattern. i still get amazed that you can make stuff like that.

have you read "freakonomics" by steven levitt per chance?

Marie said...

i know, the weather is really getting bad here. every winter it's colder with less snow and every summer it's hotter and more humid. but at least the spring is consistently wonderful.

i haven't read that book but i'm going to buy it for Shane since he is looking at economic programs at GMU. i think he's getting that itch again to get another degree. i read a review on amazon that the guy said that crime is down because of roe v. wade. that the unwanted kids that otherwise would have grown up to be criminals have been aborted. interesting. i really don't understand why we all can't as a society just promote adoption. i mean there's planned parenthood to talk woman/girls into having abortions, why isn't there an organization giving the same effort to talk woman/girls into adoption?