05 March 2007

Jester's Bags

Alright. I've been a little distracted and busy for a few days. We had some friends come in from out of town. They left yesterday morning. But I did make two more otedama while they were here for Ella and Sarah. They turned out really cute and they have been playing with them constantly. I can't put a picture of Sarah's up because it looks terrible! Not that it was made terribly but that it's been played with so much already that it looks...played with. After our friends left yesterday I made this flower bag for Del's granny. I really wanted the flower fabric to be on the outside but they way I thought the directions...directed, well...you had to turn the thing so that what she said was supposed to be the inside fabric was the outside fabric. I still like it. I'm going to try again and see if I just read the directions incorrectly. Anyway, filled with some candy it makes a better candy dish than a bag. And Del pointed out that it sort of looks like a jester's hat. I agree with him. Next time I won't use wired ribbon. Anyway, Granny will like it either way.

Your mom wrote me an email asking how Rachel was doing. She's cute. She says all sorts of stuff and the best ones are "amen" after we pray, "scus me" after she burps or toots and "I'm done" when she's finished eating. She's quick and picks up all sorts of things from Ella and Sarah. She plays differently from them when they were her age because she learns to play from them instead of from us. It's so funny to see her chasing Ella and Sarah around the house and trying to stand on her head and things like that. Ella just sat there, pretty much. It's a blast. This picture I took of Del and Rachel last night sharing the Slurpee we got for a treat. I could write all day long about the cute things she says and does but I'll just leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

That is so CUTE, Del is the Patriarch of a pretty smashing group of girls. Actually I like the surprise factor of opening it up to a flower. Granny Lyn

Jo said...

why thank you! and that's a good point. wait til you see what i'm making now! i can't wait for you guys to see it!