08 March 2007

What an Exciting Day!

It's been an exciting last couple of days. First I started on this cute little bag that I made for a some friends of ours who are expecting their third daughter any day now. I am going to fill it with some sort of baby product and send it as a gift. I really like it, it's so cute! Then our little science experiment came to fruition! The caterpillar hatched out of his cocoon yesterday in the morning sometime and we let him go. He was smaller than I expected but he sure did look like a wasp. The girls were fascinated and excited. I have no idea what that stuff is he's expelling from his bottom side. We put him on an Oleander bush and later he was gone. Maybe a bird ate him after all. Then I got "THE BOX"! Woohoo! Look at all the fabulous fabric! I am already excitedly contemplating what I am going to make with the Japanese cat fabric. I mean, it's sssssooooooooo cool! I can't wait to start on something. After I finish this post I am going to head outside with the girls. They are bringing their digging utensils and I am bringing my books so I can find the perfect thing to make with it. Also, today I go to the doctor. I am 18 weeks pregnant now, and the doc will give me a referral to an imaging center so that next week I can get an ultrasound and not only find out if this baby has all his fingers and toes, but whether I should be calling him him or maybe her...again. Del got to feel him kick the other night. It's sort of early for that but I feel him with my hand all the time. It's pretty exciting. Tina is 24 weeks. I can't believe she is already almost done. She's got less weeks left than I am pregnant. They haven't decided on a name yet.


Marie said...

Wow! That does all sound exciting! Those bags you keep making look difficult to make but you've been so productive with them. Was Del happy that you got fabric, so now you don't have to go to Joann's as much? :)

Jo said...

haha! del reacts the same way every time i get new fabric: with a little smirk and a shake of his head. i think it's the very coolest thing that i can take a flat piece of cloth and fashion it into something both pretty and functional and so new fabric is always exciting to me. it's true though, i shouldn't have to head to joann's for fabric for a very long time. i should take a picture of my stash now. i'm sure it's not as bad as some people's but i am almost ashamed at how much fabric i have!

did you send me some minkee? i swear you did, that stuff is so soft. i snuggled with it yesterday while i was napping. it was warm and cozy. i just want to sew it into a blanket so i don't waste a single scrap of it. if it is minkee then that stuff costs at least $13.99 a yard!!!

Marie said...

i've never heard it called minkee so i'm not sure. i bought it to make caleb a simple blanket, there is a peice of hawaiian fabric (red with surfboards i think) that is the same size. i saw a blanket with very similar material in a trendy kids shop in Haleiwa that cost $75!!! i bought the fabric at Fabricmart for about $13. I'm pretty sure the minkee stuff was $10 a yard.

you should take a picture of your fabric stash and i will take a picture of my yarn stash.