18 March 2007

Not So Crafty

I know it's my turn. I've been trying to figure out what to talk about since I haven't been knitting. I mentioned I put my knitting away and that it was spring break and I should find the time to work on something (can't remember what that something was though). But I ended up doing no knitting at all. Partly because I haven't finished everything that is due this coming week and partly because I afraid that if I get the yarn out, It'll be to ohard to put it back. I want to whine about how unfair it is that I have one paper, a presentation, two projects, two case studies and two article summaries due the week after spring break. But I'll try not to.

What to do thought? About not having anything crafty to blog about? I was trying to think of somewhat crafty things to do. Like maybe read new knitting books and write reviews. But I tried that before and frankly, it's boring. Or I could try to design something. That involves math so it's somewhat relevant to accounting right? I know, it's a stretch.

I started a new blog. It's an accounting blog. Not sure what it's going to end up being but for now I'm thinking about blogging about stuff I learn and think is cool and about starting work with KPMG and about getting ready for taking the CPA exam. I think eventually I will also blog about the budgeting system Shane and I are using. It's working out brilliantly. It is very high maintenence so I'm not sure many people would want to give it a go, but there really isn't a low maintenence way to manage an entire families finances.

Let me know if you have any ideas of what not-so-crafty craft things I could blog about.


Jo said...

well...doesn't it say in the description "two friends chat about crafts and the cutest kids on earth"? maybe you could post a picture of your son, if you have one. i was pretty sure you did but it's been ssssooooooo long since i saw a picture of him i'm almost starting to doubt his existence. i think his name was caleb but it might have been oliver or george or something like that.

Jo said...

i wish i could post a picture of me laughing my head off in this comment.