18 March 2007


Okay, so I know that it might not make sense that I am not willing to take the time to knit but I am willing to take the time to design something I might never have time to knit. But there's really no point in trying to explain since I don't think I can. You will just have to except this. My first project will be to write down the pattern for those darn baby bibs I keep talking about. I pulled out two of Caleb's old bibs, one little and one bigger. My next project will be a sweater that I will base off of a sweater from Anthropologie cause they have the coolest clothes. Here are some that I like the best. You should tell me which one you like the best.

You have to use your imagination with this one. Obviously it's lace, but I think I would do stripes of plain knitting (stockinette) and different lace patterns.

This one is like Mommy Bear. Not too crazy and not too plain. I would do it in a pretty thin (sport weight) yarn in a drapey fiber, like wool and silk or maybe bamboo.

I really love the crazy buttons in this one!

This is a neat idea with the cross over.

And this one I'm not really considering cause I think it's a little ambitious for my level. But I am so in love with this sweater I am almost willing to pay the $240 SALE price!!! But it is cashmere :)


Jo said...

um...the only one i even remotely like is the "mommy bear" one. i'm not into crazy sweaters but of course you know that.

Jo said...

i think the buttons are gaudy. you have to promise me not to wear the ugly button sweater. i can totally handle the rest of them but the buttons throw me into a tizzy. i start to sweat and feel i need to rip them off. you'd probably hate me after i did that so you can't make it because i really like you as my best friend. ok?

Marie said...

after i looked over this post, i was thinking you'd probably hate all of them except the one you mentioned. i tried to find one more practical, but really there's no fun it that for me. but it all makes sense i suppose. since your favorite color is brown and mine is dark red and pea green and pumpkin orange and lately hot pink.

Jo said...

aaaahhhhh! hot pink! i almost fainted!

Granny Lyn said...

The lace is beautiful but busy, the second is most practical but classic. I don't like crossovers because they loose shape, depending on your figure. Yes, Anthropoligee does have elegent classy fashion wear.