07 April 2007

An Ear-ful

I have projects coming out of my ears! I bought some fat quarters and a quilt pattern just about a year and a half ago. I started on the quilt but of course quit working on it in the middle of it. It's been in my unfinished project pile ever since. I was looking through that pile a couple of days ago and I figured that it would be perfect for the new baby since it's really pretty pinks and browns. Then, Del gave me the afternoon "off" yesterday so I went to Michael's and found the CottonTots yarn I was talking about so I bought enough to finish the boy blanket and make a girl blanket. That's three projects so far. Let's see...OH YEAH! I went to JoAnn after that and found some "silk-ish" blue, highly patterned fashion fabric that is perfect for a kimono. I was so uninspired by my stash for kimono. The stuff was 40% off so I bought half a yard. Then I checked out the remnants. I dig the remnant pile; you can find some great deals there. I found 3/4 yard of red and gold brocade and 1/2 a yard of this really nice green with a subtle pattern on it that's PERFECT for a kimono; especially the kind you were telling me you'd like, with a solid kimono and patterned obi. So those were both 50% off the regular price plus there was a sign for 75% off the already reduced price. That means I bought the brocade for $1.88 and it's normal cost was $7.49 ($9.99 a yard). The green stuff was normally $7 or $8 a yard (I can't remember) but I got that half a yard for 88 cents. Alright so I added to my already ridiculous stash, but it was necessary. So that's at least two more kimono I need to make also. That's five projects. Yikes. Anyway, I'm really happy with my purchases yesterday. The yarn is so soft and the kimono fabric so perfect, especially considering the price. I also made these three balls for Del's co-worker's son's second birthday.

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