12 April 2007

Baby Blanket Update

I finished the boy blanket I was working on. It's a bit smaller than I had thought to make it but I still like it. The thing about it is that three skeins of the verigated yarn I used I bought in 2004. I bought two skeins the other day and the blues and yellows are darker in color and the verigation is completely different. The stuff I bought in 2004 was completely random but this new stuff has a pattern to it. It's frustrating. So my solution was to put the stripes in it that way you couldn't really tell that the verigated yarns were so different. I'm going to return one skein of the verigated yarn. I really don't like how it's verigated and that the blue doesn't match the blue of the solid color. You'd think it would since it's from the same line of yarns, duh! Anyway, I started the girl blanket, also. I think that if my 2nd cousin has a girl I'll give it to her. She's 12 weeks along so it'll be a couple of months before we find out what I'm supposed to do with this blanket. I REALLY like it. I think the purple is really pretty and the lines of verigated pinks, white and purple sets off the ripple effect perfectly. It's a great baby blanket. Finally, I machine sewed these three balls for our pastor's daughter's 10th birthday, which was on the 10th. This was the first time I have attmepted any of the other balls in Jinny Beyer's ball book. I think they're cute. I could get the points to match up better if I hand sew them next time though. I didn't have time; I had to get them done that day.I received your mom's card in the mail. It's cute. I really want to get to work on the kimono now. I also received the new Knit Picks catalog in the mail today. They had an advertisement on the last page that said "Got Cotton? Always been a wool snob?" And it made me think of you. Teehee!

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