22 April 2007

I'm back!!

Sorry for the long break. I managed to finish this bib a couple weekends ago, but didn't get a chance to post til now. Things have been hectic with school. But I'm almost done!! Three more weeks!! Anyway, this bib is smaller than the first and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Although, I still need to test it on a baby. I wrote the pattern down but want to make the larger size first to make sure it is okay. Then I will post the pattern here on our blog so someone else can use it. The original had a button, but I decided against it for this one. I thought it would be more functional if I bought a small velcro piece and sewed it on instead.

Here are some pictures from Easter. Our HOA had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids. Caleb was a little scared of the bunny so this is the best picture.

You can see in this picture (below) that it snowed earlier in the morning. This winter has had the craziest weather yet.

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