21 May 2007

Three Things

I forgot to mention the baby quilt I made for this new baby. I am trying to decide on a binding for it. I think I may have mentioned before that I'm not too fond of the yellow; I don't know what I was thinking when I picked it out. I like it but not in this quilt. I was thinking of buying a yellowish fabric for the binding to maybe force the yellow to fit a little bit better but now I'm thinking that I should just leave it. The quilt has personality and the little yellow bricks are part of that; I don't want to ruin it by making the yellow seem contrived with a binding that doesn't really fit either. So I think I will rummage through my stash and figure something out. And if I can't find anything there then I'll head to the store and pick out something perfectly pink or brown. I am excited about finally having made something for one of my kids. So far everything I've made I've sent off to someone for their baby or kid. The quilting turned out perfect on this quilt unlike all those wretched quillows where they'd pucker and give me headaches.

Speaking of quillows, I think that I am not going to finish the other two. I finished Sarah's one Sunday before church but I ended up only putting two lines of quilting in it (with a pucker at each end) and I'm afraid to wash it in case the batting gets ruined. I'd really be happier with it if I could get it to quilt with no puckers. It's got to be washed eventually. However, the thing that I really REALLY don't like about it is the pillow top. It's gigantic! In my humble opinion the pillow top should be 1/3 the width of the quilt itself. The directions for this pillow top have you making a pillow top that is 1/2 the width of the quilt. When the quillow is folded up into a pillow it just looks like a pancake, a really pretty pancake. It's a nice idea but I've decided that quillows are good for cheap, quick gifts for people you don't really care about all that much. Although, I still feel that Caleb's quillow turned out pretty well. But I invented the pillow top myself and then used a regular quilt binding instead of turning it. While trying to quilt these quillows it occured to me that part of the reason I can't seem to quilt them with no puckers is that none of it is patchwork. It's just a huge piece of fabric on some batting. I think the seams on the back of a patchwork quilt top helps anchor the top to the batting and then with the added help of whatever method you use to secure the top for quilting (saftey pins, etc) quilting is much much easier and the puckers non-existent. So, because I'm so unhappy with the pillow tops and the quilting I'm thinking of making the pillow tops into pillows and using the fabric I purchased for something else. It's so pretty and I really want to do something special with it.

The other thing that I'm working on is this dress we bought for Ella. She wore it twice and then it ripped in the back because it's so poorly made. It makes me not want to buy any more dresses from stores. This one was made in India and the craftmanship on it is terrible. It ripped right in the dip. I'm going to reinforce it with interfacing and some decorative stitching and maybe some other things. It's such a pretty dress I really want to save it.

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Marie said...

i'm so sad for you that the quillows aren't working out cause i remember how excited you were about them. although i do find it a little funny that you are so persnickety about them. you are right about the pancake thing, they look like the floor pillows that we bought in korea. i like the one you did for caleb. maybe you should make you own alterations and write a new pattern. cause they really do make cute useful gifts. that's really cool that you can fix the dress. it does seem like clothes are so poorly made nowadays. that's why i like to shop the clearance racks at high-end stores. but that also is a pain since it takes so much time and i hate shopping.