27 May 2007

Getting On With Life

It seems like it's one thing after another. I thought I'd have lots of time to knit and blog after finishing school but the past two weeks have been pretty busy. My mom was here (Hi Mom!) and then we had the painter, powerwasher and carpet guys come to get the house ready for putting it up on the market. This next week will be another busy one since it is my last week before starting work and i want to do all the stuff that i won't want to deal with later like getting an oil change, going to the dentist, giving blood, etc. There will probably be lots of people looking at the house too, which is a mixed blessing. I want them to come and potentially give us an offer, but I also want everyone to leave me alone so I can knit and scrapbook. Speaking of scrapbooking. How I wish I had never started. I feel so bad for spending all that money and hardly making anything. Caleb is 2 and a half and I haven't even done 6 months of his life!! AAHHHHH! It makes me furious just to think about it. Anyway, I did manage to finish Katie's hat last week.

I've started back on the Nanako jacket from Habu Textiles. But I'm stuck cause I was getting confused about where I was with the pattern so I made an Excel file to keep track. But we had to empty the basement out for the carpet guys and I haven't had a chance to print them out yet. I'll post some pictures as soon as I make some progress.

We went to DC a few weeks ago with my Mom and they happened to have all these military tanks and trucks on display. Caleb was so happy! He's such a boy.

We went to Arlington yesterday and checked out a couple more apartments. We found one that we like in Clarendon. Outrageously expensive of course, but life will be so good that hopefully we will have no problem feeling like it's worth the money. We'll probably be moving at the end of July. There is a store called The Papery across the street. I haven't been in there yet but I checked out their website and it looks like they have some fun stuff.

Check out this worktable. I know I'm being rediculous. Why can't I want reasonably priced things? But I really love this. And we are going to be short on space in our new apartment. We have to get rid of our huge dining room table and were planning on not having a table at all since there is an island in the kitchen. Also since we eat on the couch all the time anyway, which is terrible but I can't stop myself. Anyway, I think this work table would be great cause I could use it as a desk, a craft table and dining room table. I could store all my scrapbook stuff in the cubbies. Nevermind the fact that only two people could eat comfortably on it. Anyway, I'm just dreaming cause it's way too expensive. I mean, is it even solid wood?

I feel so boring since I don't have lots of fun pictures of knitting progress. Maybe I will work on some little projects.

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Jo said...

wow! that is really really expensive! tiny. how big is the apartment? i hope your house sells fast. i can't imagine that it wouldn't in manassas. the hat turned out really cute! don't feel bad about the scrapbooking stuff. just do it when you can. i mean, i'm working on number four here and i've only done about 6 or 7 months of sarah's life. i still have to finish hers and then do rachel's and all in 11 weeks before the baby arrives. yeah right. it's better that it take a few years than not at all. he'll enjoy looking at it as he gets older. but right now he doesn't care. if you do get the outrageously expensive table and put all your scrapbooking stuff there then it'll be more accessible and you'll be more likely to use it. why don't you check out ikea for something very similar but cheaper?

thanks for posting, i was feeling lonely out here in blog world since no one but me ever checks this blog or leaves a comment.