28 May 2007

English Is a Lovely Language

It's getting down to the wire. I just talked to Tina and her c-section is scheduled in three and a half weeks. I only have 10 weeks to sew and develop lesson plans for next year, plus send in a letter of intent to the district superintendent. I searched through my stash for a good fabric for the binding of baby's quilt but they are all a no-go so I'm headed to Joann today especially since they are having a huge memorial day sale. I wish I could afford to go to real quilt shops all the time. Maybe once Del's gets his huge promotion and we start having money coming out of our ears (chuckle, chuckle). Anyway, once I finish binding the quilt and crocheting the baby blanket and sewing up Katherine's dress I need to focus on lesson plans. Mom and I went to the FPEA homeschool convention on Friday and I got to attend a session by Susan Wise Bauer, who wrote The Well-Trained Mind, amongst other books. She was homeschooled by her mother, Jessie Wise and they have some fantastic ideas about classical education which I am very interested in. I stopped by her table and talked to Mrs. Bauer about which books she would recommend for teaching a 1st grader in the classical education style. So I picked up those books and I am really stoked about starting Ella on that stuff in the fall and then teaching Sarah how to read. I'd like to have her reading by the time she's 5.

Here is the dress I fixed up. I was going to try and cover up the satin stitching with some appliques but after trying it out a bit Del and I both agreed that just leaving it like that was better. I sewed up the sides also so that hopefully those fragile indents will be more sturdy and will be able to handle all the abuse Ella, Sarah and Rachel can dish out over the next several years.

And then I made Ella's Little Artist case (she picked out that fabric herself at the quilt shop up the street) and I thought that Japanese print fabric your mom sent you that you sent me was perfect for one of these. I have no earthly idea who I'm going to give it to but I think it turned out really great and I like just having it sit around and looking at it. I didn't make it with a magnet because I don't know who I'm giving it to and in case it was someone small like Rachel's size I wanted it to be user friendly to whomever received it. I thought to send it to Caleb but I think it's too girlie.

It's 8:44am and I'm ready for a nap already.


Marie said...

i can't tell you how much i love those artist's cases! they are so cute. i don't think the red cat fabric is grilie, but i'm afraid caleb would abuse it. he still likes to jab paper with crayons instead of scribbling.

all that homeschool stuff sounds like a lot of work for you, but it's so cool that you are the one teaching them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jo for using the "lucky cat" fabric, it is especially appropriate for a gift. Always, Granny Lyn