28 May 2007


I was looking at the Craft Apple blog yesterday and she made a really cool skirt. I went to the store a few weeks ago looking for a skirt pattern for maternity and do you know I found maybe a total of four patterns in all their books and they were for professional wear or you know, 1970's weird stuff. Or maybe Michelle Duggar type (no offense Michelle, you look great, it's just not my style; not that she's going to be checking out this blog any time...period). Anyway, I bought this skirt on sale at Motherhood for $15 and once again I feel some piece of clothing I bought in a store is very poorly constructed. I can't imagine paying full price for this thing. It EXTREMELY comfortable but I found a holein it and on top of that it's got embroidery on it and it's just falling out.You can't really tell but still, I'd rather make it myself and pay only $7.50 for it. My big problem is that NO ONE and I do mean no one sells maternity patterns for ANYTHING that is even slightly stylish, it's all frumpy. I am almost offended. Maybe I should sue. There is a real need out there for some up-to-date maternity patterns...have I found my calling????? I don't even know how to draft a pattern. Maybe it's time to learn.

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Marie said...

poor jo. that's so sad. but it sounds like a lot of fun to take a pattern drafting class. don't you wish there were crafty schools nearby?