31 May 2007

Nothing to do with crafting

Our house is finally up for sale. Caleb is standing in the front there. Here is the website. Click on "slideshow" if you want to see the inside. It looks so much nicer than the last time you saw it. And of course we never did keep it that neat and clean.

This morning Caleb insisted on driving. He told me to sit down in the passenger seat and buckle up. Isn't he so bossy? He's definetely my kid.

Yesterday, I got a pedicure, which I still feel like I do not enjoy enough to justify the cost. I also got a facial though and I totally loved it. I love the idea of taking better care of my skin and always looking younger than I really am. Anyway, the pedicure room was so dark and the nail polish that was a pretty medium pink turned out to be hot pink everywhere outside of that room. Shane said it looks like the kind of nail polish Joy from My Name is Earl would wear.

I was at Target yesterday and found this cute hoodie for $2.48! It's a 3T so I figure Sarah will fit in it since she just turned 4. Caleb seems to be build like the girls. He is 2.5 and wears 2T shirts and 18 month shorts. He can also fit in smaller shirts, but it easier to put him in bigger shirts since there's no danger of them falling down like pants.

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Jo said...

the house looks fantastic! where did all the stuff go? wow! what an outrageous price for a 2100sq ft house! the prices are still crazy there but at least it's better than it used to be. it's getting a lot better here. we actually found a house for $82 a sq ft. crazy, eh?

i've never watched my name is earl but that pink is definitely something i wouldn't think you get.

i think sarah will really like the jacket. i bet she'll use it for dress up. they've started raiding my closet for my shoes.