03 June 2007

Princess Dress

I told Tina I'd make another dress for Katherine since she has just as hard a time coming up with modest dresses for little girls in the stores these days as I do and she's not quite as comfy with the sewing machine as I am. I'm afraid I may have gone overboard and made her something she can only wear on special occasions. I think it turned out really pretty. Del's word for it was elegant. The pictures are a detail of the front with the headband I made to match it, the front with Ella as a model and the back with Ella as a model. I hope to get this in the mail tomorrow as Tina is going to have her son in two weeks and I want her to get it before she becomes somewhat incapacitated for a while.

Speaking of headbands, I was casually looking at the Heather Bailey blog and noticed she had free tutorials, something I am only just beginning to really have a great appreciation for. I do anticipate to appreciate them even more over the coming years until I can get some genuine creativity for myself. Maybe these people with rub off on me. Anyway, this tutorial was for headbands and I swear it takes about 10 minutes to make one of these headbands. The hardest part is turning them right side out but they are so cute and practical. I made one as a practice for myself in a nice chocolate brown, something I can wear anytime since invariably I'm wearing some shade of brown somewhere. The other is the one I made to match Katherine's princess dress. Aren't they fabulous?

I made a list of things I need to accomplish in 10 weeks. I only have 9 weeks now but, I officially get to cross Katherine's dress off the list. Woohoo! Maybe I should cross it off after it gets mailed.

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Johanna said...

Dresses like these are why I need a girl!! I love the headbands too. I never had much luck with those "only 9 weeks to go lists", but here's to you crossing off every last item!!