11 June 2007


Just thought I would introduce myself too, since I am also new here on the website. My name's Meagan, married to my dear Hubby Mike, and mom of Savannah. I also admit it, I am a major Craft-o-holic!!!

OK anyway, I was going to sign on and give the full update of all the stuff I have done lately, including the books, dress (maybe even modeled for you by Savannah), etc, but alas, I can't find the camera. Mike and I have been looking for it for the entire weekend, and not just the one digital camera but BOTH cameras have disappeared. Hmmmm... sounds suspicious. Anyways, you'll just have to stay tuned to see if I ever find my camera.. (or get to Walmart to buy one of those cheap ones that plug into the computer to use in the meantime) or just imagine that I am showing you a soft baby book, a blanket with rings for attaching the toys, an imitation Taggie, a cute little girls dress, and.. I think that is it. Okay, maybe it would just be easier to stay tuned for more details.

Oh, but I also learned something new today. I finally figured out what a nap is. I know seems kind of elementary, but I usually don't bother to buy material with naps... and I also usually don't buy the patterns either for making things so I never really cared. However this weekend I found a pattern for adult skirts, Toddler clothes, and a messenger bag all of which I have REALLY been wanting to make. This time I couldn't not buy it (usually I say, I am not buying a pattern for $15 when I already know how it is made!) but these that i found were only $3. For $3 it isn't worth it to make it up.

So, now not only do I have to find the camera, but I have at least three projects to make, and all that only can be done during nap times! Ugh, I am tired already. Oh! If only nap times went longer.

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Johanna said...

Hey, good to read your intro. I can't wait to see all the projects you are talking about!