10 June 2007

Not so Snappy

Joanna thought I should post my first attempt at the little envelope wallet that is the same pattern as the one I put on my last post. It has a bit of a funny story with it. Anyway, I saw the tutorial online last week when I started to see all the cool crafty sites that are on the web and I thought, "I could do that!" (And a new obsession is born...) So anyway, here is the e-mail I sent Joanna.

"Okay, so I just finished my first sewing craft that I found the tutorial for after searching the CraftApple blog and links from that blog. It is a little envelope purse for holding personal items in a purse. I didn’t iron down the flap, but it is actually square.
Notice how it has a lovely snap. I have never put a snap in anything before. So I am reading the instructions and figuring out the tools and went and found Jerry’s hammer (side note: I really need to get myself a smaller hammer.) and I figured it out. I am proud of myself. However, this being my first time and all, I made a little mistake…I didn’t realize how sharp the awl tool included in the snap installing kit was and I pounded away at it (not realizing that there is another handy tool to put under the last piece of fabric that you want the hole in…) and I pounded a hole right through the back of the purse and into my counter top…
Notice the lovely hole in the purse with the matching mark on the counter top…I wonder how long it will take Jerry to notice it… :)

See how much trouble you have caused me already!! At least I know how to do it next time! "

Here's another funny thing - Aaron was fascinated by the loud hammering and had to know what I was doing. He got to see my initial "Oh, shoot!" moment with the counter top and thought it was pretty funny that I made a hole in the counter top. When Jerry got home from work that evening, I showed him the wallet, but left out the counter part. However, from the next room over, Aaron shouts, "And she made a hole in the counter, too!" The child totally ratted me out!! No more toys for him! LOL Actually, Jerry took it really well. He actually saw the humor in the whole situation! And I decided that for all the trouble I had with this wallet, it now can house my snap tools for me. I think it is fitting given the extra hole in the back!


Jo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! that story gets me every time! it's hilarious!

Meagan said...

Yup, Sounds like something I would do too. Never tried the snaps yet, but I will definately keep that in mind.