11 June 2007

Knitting on the Train

I don't have a picture to post cause my Apple is getting fixed. I feel like I've lost a dear friend :( So, I haven't been talking much on the blog of about what's going on with me so I'll fill you in real quick. I started working last week and commute via train. I'm on the train for at least an hour both ways. This of course sucks cause it takes time away from being with Caleb and Shane but good that I have some time to knit. I didn't knit last week cause everything was a little crazy. And everyone seems to really be pushing the CPA thing so I was thinking that I would never get any time to knit cause it would be a better idea to study on the train instead of knit. But then I thought that this insaneness of me never having time to knit needs to end. I think I will have a steady supply of excuses to not knit for the next 25 years. So forget the CPA exam! Well at least for a few days a week. I knit this morning and evening and finished an entire baby bib!! Tomorrow I am going to start working on the cashmere fingerless gloves again. I hope to being able to post some pics soon. I might be able to stop by Tyson's Corner (where my Apple is) on Thursday cause I have to drive up to Laurel MD to oversee an inventory count. Doesn't that sound exciting? haha

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Jo said...

y...eeaahhhh...sounds like a grand old time.

you're going with the fingerless gloves again, eh? i still think those are weird. but that is REALLY cool that you are knitting on the train! i can't wait to see a picture. my excuse for not posting any pictures is that my camera batteries weren't charged. but now they are so tomorrow i'll take pictures.